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ARE you aligned?

Check your MTB stem alignment with the STR8FWD alignment tool.


a LINE for alignment.

STR8FWD, a time saving tool for your stem alignment!


Dutch design.

Designed and produced in the Netherlands.

product description

The STR8FWD is a tool for checking stem alignment on a mountain bike. This is done by projecting a single, calibrated, laser line on both the stem and the front wheel/tyre. This means that if the laser line is in the middle of your stem and parallel to the threads of your tyre, your cockpit points in the same direction as your front wheel.

For safety reasons a class 1 laser was chosen, suitable to use indoors as well as outdoors*. The body and laser module are 3D printed in order to produce the complex shape needed.

The tool needs to be positioned and fixed on the handle bar (temporarily). Two rubber straps make this super easy and versatile (fits all current handle bar standards**). Mounting the tool and checking your stem alignment can be done within seconds! Even on a bike stand!


*Brightness of the laser is reduced in bright sun light.

** Although the tool has extra clearance in case accessories are attached to the handle bar, it is still possible that the tool does not fit or work without removing these.


Three Dutch mountain bike enthusiasts with a shared interest in technology and innovation started working on this idea of a stem alignment tool. The    idea came up because we often don’t get it right, the first time. Besides, the big question remains:

it looks straight, but is it really? 

As the design evolved, it turned out to be a handy tool which people might enjoy using. Maybe not even out of necessity but also for time saving convenience and peace of mind knowing your stem and front wheel point in the same direction. So, go ahead and STR8FWD!